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BTC stays! Help save Muenster's last remainig diy skatepark

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Another valuable alternative project is on the verge of extinction. Once again an open space is taken away from the skate scene without any compensation, this time the skatepark at Hafengrenzweg is to be demolished. 

We demand that the city of Münster counteracts the demolition plans of the skate park and, together with the property owner, allows the Skateboardverin Münster e.V. to use the area, at least until the area is built on. 

Until then, the area is to be left to the Skateboardverin Münster e.V.. In this way, liability issues for the land owner can be clarified and the Skateboardverin Münster e.V. gains planning security and more opportunities to offer skate courses etc. 

Similar concepts have already been successfully implemented in Germany, for example by 2erskateboarding e.V. in Hanover or Skateboarding Koblenz e.V. in Koblenz-Oberwerth. 




BTC about to be demolished! The city of Münster is again losing quality of life for subcultures. An area of self-realization has to give way to speculation. A vision of community once again becomes a wasteland. 

For six years the DIY-Skatepark could grow peacefully. Self-financed and self-organized, the skate scene created a space on its own. The spot not only offered a home to Münster's skate scene but was and is an open space for all subcultures away from the usual structures. Everybody is welcome here. 

Now all this is to end? The area was bought by an investor, the skatepark fenced in. The demolition is imminent. We don't want nor can accept this silently. 

The area lay fallow for decades and won't be used in the near future. Only a couple of months age the Dowgyallee - exactly such a space - was taken from us over night. It cannot be that the skate scene and all subcultures are once again deprived of an area for self-development and self-realization. 

We call on the city of Münster to act now. A colorful, diverse city needs alternatively used open spaces that are self-created to grow organically. We also have the right to help shape the city. After all, the quality of life in the city of Münster is characterized by subcultural projects. It is unacceptable that all spaces in the neighborhood are completely built on, that land is speculated with and that only financial profit decides on the distribution of space. 

The city of Münster must finally see the value of such projects, support them and give them room to grow! 


Thank you for your support, Tim Metzler from Münster
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  • Rip Btc

    on 17 Sep 2022

    Vor mittlerweile fast einem Monat wurden in ähnlicher Manier wie bei der Dowgy-Allee Tatsachen geschaffen, in dem der Spot vom Grundstücksbesitzer abgerissen wurde. Wie so oft wurden wieder Haftungsfragen als Grund vorgeschoben. Auch in diesem Fall war der Münster Skateboarding Verein bereit die Haftung zu übernehmen und falls nötig auch die Rampen DIN-gerecht umzubauen.
    Für diese Pläne gab es auch seitens der Stadt Unterstützung. Vor einer geplanten Ortsbegehung hat der neue Grundstücksbesitzer den Spot allerdings lieber gleich abreißen lassen.

    An dieser Stelle vielen Dank an alle Menschen, die für dessen Erhalt gekämpft haben. Insbesondere den - bzw. eher der - Verantwortlichen beim Münster Skateboarding Verein und den Menschen, welche... further

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on 17 Aug 2022

Subkultur braucht freien Raum zur Entfaltung. Geld macht eine Stadt nicht lebenswert, Menschen machen Städte lebenswert.

Safe the last Dance.

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