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Calling for Peace at Ukraine

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Konfliktparteien: Russland & Ukraine (mit westlichen Unterstützern)
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Peace for Ukraine

Since February 24, 2022, there is an ongoing military conflict at Ukraine between invaded Russian forces and Ukrainian troops supported by the West.

Russia's stated goals:

R1. Protection of people of Russian descent in the areas of eastern Ukraine.

R2. Demilitarize Ukraine and provide security guarantees.

Declared goals of Ukraine and Western supporters:

U1. Preservation of the liberal-democratic state system.

U2. Restoration of territorial borders before Russian encroachment.

In addition to these publicly stated goals, there is considerable speculation about a hidden agenda on both sides. Russia is assumed to be striving to achieve the former size of the Soviet Union. And the Western NATO states are accused of waging a proxy war with the aim of weakening Russia.

Agreeing on an appropriate peace agreement between the parties involved could:

1.  to dispel all of the above-mentioned speculations with a stroke of a pen,

2.  fulfill the stated goals of both sides,

3.  creating peace for everyone involved.

Proposing a peace agreement

between Russia and Ukraine, including its Western supporters

to R1:

Enabling the resettlement of the population of Russian origin from the areas of eastern Ukraine to Russian territory. Establishment of an international aid fund and deployment of aid workers to create suitable infrastructure and support for resettlement in parallel with reconstruction in Ukraine.

to R2:

Withdrawal of all foreign armed forces and weapons from Ukraine. Ukraine refrains from joining NATO and from conducting NATO combat exercises on its own territory. Guarantee of territorial security for both sides by the international community of states.

to U1:

Withdrawal of all Russian troops from the former Ukrainian territory. No Russian influence on the state and government of Ukraine.

to U2:

Restoration of the Ukrainian external borders from February 23, 2022 - this particularly affects the border of eastern Ukraine. Final recognition of Crimea as Russian territory by Ukraine. Support for reconstruction through an international aid fund and international aid workers.

With the fulfillment of the stated goals, all economic sanctions imposed since 2022 will be gradually phased out.



The parties to the conflict are urgently called upon to begin negotiations on such a peace agreement.

A refusal of such negotiations by either side would immediately confirm the accuracy of the above-mentioned speculations and would offer the world a completely different assessment of the conflict situation!



In addition to the personal fate of the soldiers and residents involved, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has direct and indirect effects on the entire world.

Thank you for your support, Thomas Harreus from Remseck
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