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Don't close DAAD Information Center in Azerbaijan

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We would like to prevent the closure of DAAD Baku Office, which is planned for the end of 2020.


This is the letter on behalf of DAAD / Germany Alumni and many others who have benefitted and are planning to benefit from DAAD Services in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is the third country as per the number of DAAD Scholarship/Program applicants after USA and Russia. There is a huge and rapidly growing interest in German Language and Culture in the country. Many Bachelor and Master students in Azerbaijan are looking for the opportunities to pursue their education in Germany. DAAD Baku regularly organizes events/seminars for informative purposes, which helps students find answers for their queries related to DAAD programs/opportunities.

Despite the fact that, the DAAD scholarship programs are not affected by this decision, this will complicate the application procedures and will deprive the huge number of Azerbaijani applicants of the good availability of DAAD services.

Moreover, DAAD presence in Azerbaijan also means German institutional and cultural presence in Azerbaijan, which strongly helps bring strong ties between the two countries. Considering the fact that DAAD is one of the very few German organizations present in Azerbaijan, DAAD's role is vital in that regard.

Last but not least, a lot of DAAD Alumni are involved in different industry sectors of the country, DAAD representative office playing a major role in bringing them together for networking purposes.

Considering the above facts, it is crucial to have the DAAD representation in Azerbaijan in order to meet the big interest of Azerbaijani people in German education and culture.

Thank you for your support, Ulvi Fatullayev from , Baku
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DAAD ist ein Fenster zur Welt, Forschung. Die direkte Zusammenarbeit mit dem DAAD macht Hoffnung und ist t eine grosse Motivation für unsere Jugendlichen.Macht bitte dieses Fenster nicht zu.

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