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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: Don't kill the dogs from Onești public shelter!!! Don't kill the dogs from Onești public shelter!!!
  • Von: Help Animals from Onesti mehr
  • An: Mayor Gnatiuc Nicolae
  • Region: Onești mehr
    Kategorie: Tierschutz mehr
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Don't kill the dogs from Onești public shelter!!!


The Mayor of Onești wants to start killing the dogs in the public shelter!!! The Association 'Help Animals from Onești' wants to take over Onești public shelter. Considering the donations received by the public shelter over the last 3 years, we don't agree with decision that the dogs should be euthanasied. The dogs are sterilised and after the vaccination ( we sent a request to the City Hall that we want to do it with our own money but haven't received any answer yet) they will be ready for adoption. We are talking about healthy and gently, loving dogs... We want to solve the problem of the stray dogs too but in a civilized manner and it seems the city hall doesn't. The Association can take care of the dogs in the shelter by feeding them, offering treatment and finding good homes... but the City Hall doesn't want to give us the shelter... we don't know why... Please help us by signing the petition!


Sterilization is the best solution in order not to have any more strays on the streets. It is not the dogs' fault they were born and they should not suffer. We have a solving offer: the City Hall must give up the shelter in the favour of the Association 'Help Animals from Onești'. The shelter received a lot of donations through the association : food every month, an employee paid by the association who goes into the shelter every day to feed the dogs and clean the kennels, straws every winter, vitamins, treatments, over 50 cages and the list can go on for ages... We know we can take care of the shelter better than they can...

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Onești, Bacău County, 26.10.2017 (aktiv bis 22.11.2017)

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PRO: Sa nu se omoare cainii din adapost !!! Sunt pt.sterilizare si darea spre adoptie !!! Sa fie tratati cum se cuvine ,uman ,fara torturi ,sa li se dea mancare ,apa,caldura si tratamente medicale !!!

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