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Extension of the lease of the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg

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The ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is in danger. At present the tenancy agreement of the 36-year running rock, hard rock and heavy metal club and discotheque was not granted renewal by the landlord of the industrial facility in Ludwigsburg, South Germany. We need your help, your voices and your power. Each one of you.

You might know the ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG because you’ve seen your favorite band sweating up on stage, maybe you had some drinks at our bar or you might have been banging your head, shaking your rump on our dancefloor in Ludwigsburg. That’s our business for 36 years now. We’re home to all sorts of rock music lovers and their favorite bands and it all started on the 30th of November 1983.

See, that club is so old, Metallica Guitarist Kirk Hammett is wearing a ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG T-Shirt on the Backcover of „Master Of Puppets“. And the ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is so old, for our third birthday, we had Motörhead playing in that club of ours. ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is the place where your favorite bands are ordering drinks right next to you.


Over the last 36 years we had the honor to provide a home for a couple of generations of rock’n’roll-fans and -bands. We don’t think we’re done with that. We don’t think you’re done with it.

We need you. We need your voices.

Thank you for your support

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I made so many great memories at the Rockfabrik in 1987 as a foreign exchange student! This place is so unique and I still haven't seen anything like it back in the USA! This landmark of music and culture needs to be preserved so everyone can have this amazing experience!

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