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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: Facebook must delete Nazipostings and Profils immediately! Facebook must delete Nazipostings and Profils immediately!
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Facebook must delete Nazipostings and Profils immediately!


We are of the opinion that Facebook allows Nazi posts, Nazi profiles and explicit pictures to be online much too long and that it partly even tolerates them. This is not right! We demand immediate removal of such profiles and posts and severe consequences for the posters. The respective laws should be tightened too.


Moreover, we think that the „report“ function is not working as it should as the reasons given for reporting/blocking an individual very often do not fit the actual incident; this may account for the fact that the posts are not removed. Rationale: It is simply intolerable to witness how individuals/groups are being slammed and discriminated against. Such contributions must be considered as a crime (i.e. „Wiederbetätigung“ = identifying with and glorifying Nazi ideology), and even if we report such accounts/pages, those people can always start new accounts to continue. This problem does not only apply for Austria but anywhere. Facebook tolerates this and does not take any measures to relieve the situation. Not just individuals but even politicians often play the „Nazi card“. We demand better control, immediate removal of such accounts as well as more effective measures to identify and report illegal and inacceptable postings and pages. Moreover, cooperation between Facebook and the police should be improved in order to guarantee smoother processes. Only in this way children and individuals concerned can be protected from Nazis.

Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.

Feldkirchen, Österreich, 29.03.2013 (aktiv bis 28.09.2013)

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