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Financial aid for freelancers and artists during the "#Corona-Shutdown"

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The corona virus is spreading rapidly. This is accompanied by numerous measures. Regardless of whether they are justified or not, they have a direct impact, not only on the firms, companies, corporations, etc. affected. But also - because of cancellations of events such as concerts, trade fairs, performances in theatres, opera houses and concert halls, etc. - on several freelancers who make their living from the income of such events.

Due to this freelance status, many of these artists (including singers, instrumentalists, event and stage technicians, photographers, film artists, freelance authors and journalists etc., but ultimately every freelance worker, from day care to many employees in museums and memorials; see final remark) live on the edge of the subsistence level anyway, but the current mass cancellation of events threatens to push them over this edge. The legal regulations for loss of earnings do not apply either.

The legal regulations for loss of earnings only apply if you have to be quarantined yourself. As with all other people, however, bills and liabilities, rent, electricity, living expenses and much more still have to be paid, and often whole families are threatened by this loss of income.

I therefore call upon the federal and state governments to not only concentrate on companies and their employees when it comes to the proposed financial aid and support. The oftentimes precarious situation of the above-mentioned freelancers/artists has to be taken into account and the financial aid should be extended to them as unbureaucratically as possible.

Many of my colleagues are not in a position to easily survive a month or two without income, which might be necessary in the current situation. Society may be able to do without cultural life for some time. But if it does so for too long, we could end up in a situation with nobody left to revive it.

So please: don't forget about the artists!


Richard von Weizsäcker: "Culture is expensive. Mainly because access to it souldn't be limited by personal wealth.

The funding of cultural matters should be no less of an obligatory task of the public budget than, for example, road construction, public security or the financing of public service salaries.

For culture is not a luxury that we can afford or cut as we please, but the intellectual ground that ensures our inner survival."

At present, the survival of those who cultivate and prepare this "intellectual ground" for the "inner survival" on a daily basis is in acute danger! The livelihoods of countless artists and freelancers are on the brink of extinction, if the politicians do not help as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible.

Secure the survival of Germany as a nation of culture with your signature! Thousands of artists and other freelancers (and concert visitors, exhibition visitors, music lovers etc.) will thank you!

Final remark

This petition was started by a freelance singer, so at the beginning it focused on artists of all kinds, but mainly from the field of music. Of course, the situation is precarious for almost all freelancers, but I ask for your understanding that I did not mention all professional groups affected. I would therefore ask that everyone simply feels addressed under the term "freelancer". Thank you very much!

Thank you for your support, David Erler from Leipzig
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Antwort an "Ihr lebt ja eh schon von Steuergeldern [...]" Erstens das stimmt gar nicht. Zweites wir leisten einen enormen Beitrag zu jeder Wirtschaft, der wir angehören (und hier, in Deutschland). Die meisten von uns leben von Monat zu Monat, von Jahr zu Jahr in einer immerwährenden Prekarität. In der Kunstwelt (und auch in anderen Bereichen der freiberuflichen Tätigkeit) stehen die Künstler*innen bei der Bezahlung am unteren Ende der Pyramide. Aber ohne sie gäbe es jedoch keine Kunst mehr. Die gegenwärtige Krise hat enorme Auswirkungen auf unser Leben, und wir brauchen Unterstützung.

Ihr lebt ja eh schon von Steuergeldern, arbeietet kaum, und verlangt nach 2 Wochen Coronahysterie schon Staatshilfen? Sucht euch doch mal einen anständigen Job.

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  • 40 minutes ago

    I am a Business English Trainer for Companies and firms who need skills in all aspects of written and spoken English. As training takes place directly at their offices, similar to others here, I have no premises to run or overheads other than transport and what I need to live, in common with a normal employee. As a result of Corona, all my work has gone, but find that the Government does not cater for us at all. We pay our taxes, pay more than employees for health insurance, pay and administer our VAT, so it would be reasonable and fair to be treated as a normal employee in this crisis. I fully support this petition!

  • 13 hours ago

    I have no money left for rent or my insurance costs. Since late March all of my events and teaching work has been cancelled. I am in a difficult situation.

  • Eri Geen Frankfurt am Main

    17 hours ago

    I have lost all my jobs due to the pandemic.

  • 5 days ago

    I am a freelance artist.

  • Nicht öffentlich Frankfurt am Main

    5 days ago

    It is important because I am a freelance artist and I have lost all my jobs because this situation.

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