Improvement of educational care of our children according to these measures:

  • Each all-day class will be provided with an additional social educator acting as a caregiver who will attend to the class during the school day.
  • In particular, the tasks of the educator will include:
  • Attending to the class regarding socio-paedagogical aspects with emphasis on social learning *Availability to the class during the lunch break
  • Planing of afternoon activities that emphasize social skills and take into account the individual needs of children
  • Enabling additional activities that take into consideration the daily routine and the working groups of the all-day class
  • Enabling a more flexible care model for all-day school children beyond the regular school hours in a mixed-class environment. Child supervision will be extended until 17:00 (Mon. - Thu.) and 16:00 (Fr.).
  • By extending the care times 49% of the children enrolled in the Neubiberg Primary School would have access to the high-quality care that they deserve (instead of only the 17% of children covered by the "Hort" system)
  • Presently, the social educator is only available to the children attending the regular classes. This must change!
  • Facilitation of recreational activities for all children enrolled in the Neubiberg Primary School (regardless of whether children are enrolled in the all-day class)
  • Prioritizing the availability of the school gym for sport activities offered to primary school children
  • Allowing for offers of the "Musikschule" to take place in the Neubiberg Primary School

The concrete request to the Municipal Council include:

  • 1 social educator (or its equivalent) in a 75% work-time basis per all-day class
  • 4 complementary education professionals (mainly assisting during the lunch break and during the afternoon activities)
  • 1 social educator in full time basis as team coordinator and as back-up personnel
  • => the cost: ca. €200,000 p.a. (provided by the municipality)


The most important reasons for the demand of improved care are the following:

  • Schools are evolving from learning spaces to living spaces.

  • Our children need the orientation provided by a permanent caregiver available throughout the (extended) school day

  • The care that our children receive must be of high quality, inclusive and adequate for our flexible society. Factors such as heterogeneous family structures, families less likely to have had access to education, employment of both parents, and travel demands on employed parents should be taken into consideration.

Thank you for your support, Jimena C. Sauceda-Friebe from Neubiberg
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    Ganztagsbetreuung ist notwendig.

  • on 13 Apr 2019

    Ich bin selber in der Ganztagsklasse und würde mich über die bessere Betreuung sehr freuen.

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    Diese Petition ist für mich wichtig, um Familie und Beruf besser miteinander zu verbinden.

  • on 05 Apr 2019

    Diese Petition ist für mich wichtig, um Familie und Beruf besser miteinander zu verbinden.

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