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Everybody knows the circumstances of Migration (the amount of people, distribution) and the difficult handling in the EU. To solve that enormous problem the EU should declare our states as an IMMIGRATION CONTINENT: every year x migrants can enter the EU. (political or War-refugees are excluded because of humanitarian reasons). In the case of a clear straightforward sight of immigration may be all European States agreed to fulfill given quotas. The application form can be filed at the embassy of the EU-embassies in their respective countries. The venturous and dangerous escapes from the oriental and saharanear-states would be prevented, frontex realeased.


If you have a first thought, you have to check it by different perspectives to balance it. After that I told the idea some friends who are politically interested. All agreed rather enthusiastic.

To keep the humanistic roots of Europe, to strengthen the Eu-adminstration and to pacify the different countries ' societies (which are often diveded because of immagration reasons) the IMMIGRATION CONTINENT OF EUROPE is a promising thought.mart

Thank you for your support, Martin Carl Beilmann from Bochum
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