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Keep the Beat81 Sessions in Hamburg - Sebastian must stay!

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We don't like Beat81 to pause in Hamburg. All of us really enjoy the training and the time. Even in winter sport is important. And furthermore, we want Sebastian to stay with us in Hamburg! We would like to keep the sessions, even if its gonne be a minimum. And we can help to find indoor locations.


Please sign to show that our Hamburg Team is strong and willing to train. We want to keep Beat81 in Hamburg without this long pause.

Thank you for your support, Lisa Hellwinkel from Hamburg
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  • on 20 Nov 2019

    Best trainer and best sport in town.

  • on 18 Nov 2019

    Best coach ever!

  • Ilka Meis Hamburg

    on 18 Nov 2019

    The decision to close all BEAT81 locations in Hamburg for wintertime was made without asking us and especially even without involving Sebastian, the head coach in Hamburg. This is not fair and incomprehensible! Many motivated athletes trained very hard with BEAT81 the last month and were expecting to continue with the training, also in winter time (in indoor locations). Sebastian is the best trainer and he and his team put so much effort in every single training, don´t destroy this at once!!!

  • on 18 Nov 2019

    Because Beat81 rocks

  • on 18 Nov 2019

    Wanna join the amazing workouts with Sebastian as often as possible, even in winter!

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