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This petition is to support having Tamar Subeliani’s entry ban to Germany lifted. We are intending to generate a lot of public attention for this in order to pass the threshold to allow for the petition to be submitted to the Baden-Württemberg state parliament.


After spending time with her on Friday we anticipated seeing her on Monday morning and woke up to the following message on October 17 from Tamar:

“Unfortunately, I was deported to Georgia today. It was great with you. I wish you all the best.”

We were surprised by this. There was no warning for our classmate who was half way to becoming a kindergarten teacher, a specialization that is in a high demand everywhere in Germany. It quickly became clear to our class that we had to do something to help her.

One of Tamar‘s problems is the entry ban imposed in the event of deportation. Therefore we demand with this petition to lift the entry ban for Tamar! Her place at the school is still secure and her employer would welcome her back, however until the entry ban is lifted, she cannot apply for a study or work visa.

We miss our classmate very much. In her three months in the program she was an enrichment for our class, had a very good working knowledge of the German language and demonstrated she was hardworking, helpful with a great openness to learning and doing new things.

It is hard to believe that some latitude could not be afforded to Tamar in this situation by the immigration authorities. Neither her or anyone else understands why the deportation happened but we feel it is morally incomprehensible that this could occur, and as such we demand the German immigration authorities treat refugees more humanely. Refugess that experienced war and prosecution and been expelled from their homes should not be deported to a country where the forces are aligned with the expellers that are becoming stronger. For Tamar, her home country Georgia is currently unsafe for those that are not pro-Russian and who have been uprooted and traumatized by a Russian invasion.

Press on Tamar’s case:

https://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/inhalt.abschiebung-nach-georgien-land-schiebttalentierte-auszügede-nach-tiflis-ab.e0952f05-34e4-4dcb-b6b1- 6e627bf53d9b.html?reduced=true


Thank you for your support, Vanessa Müller from Neuhausen auf den Fildern
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