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Long-term strategic support of Ukraine from the Federal Republic of Germany

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Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz
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249 supporters 228 in Germany
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Dear Mr. Federal Chancellor,

the undersigned and I urge you insistently to provide our European neighbor, the Ukrainian Republic, with the whole range of military aid that country needs to defend its people and restore its borders.

This includes the delivery of weapons (especially heavy weapons like tanks, artillery systems, and aircraft) and equipment that are in possession of German army, as well as the immediate and comprehensive provision of armaments that the military-industrial complex of the Federal Republic of Germany has at its disposal.

The armed forces of Ukraine are to be educated and trained to use these systems. Furthermore, the logistics for a long-term and uncomplicated use of the delivered goods must be ensured.

The industrial base required for this must be strengthened and expanded.


We, the undersigned, are aware of the risks of such an approach and accept it, because we believe that inaction makes it so much worse than doing the right thing at the right time in a self-determined and purposeful manner.

You once said: "Whoever orders guidance from me will receive guidance."

We order this guidance from you, now, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, as long as this war lasts and beyond.

Put an end to the undignified dilatoriness and protraction of the decisions and act as the free world expects from you and also deserves!

Thank you for your support, Friedensvogel from Kahla
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