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Tattoos secure the livelihood of the self-employed, employees and their families. We therefore demand the lifting of the operating ban for tattoo and piercing studios in North Rhine-Westphalia by 02/01/2021 at the latest.


We as operators, owners and self-employed or employed tattoo artists and piercers also have a lobby and associations (although these are not as large as those of the catering trade or hairdressing and cosmetics) like the D.O.T and the Bundesverband Tattoo e.V!

Many livelihoods and jobs are also at stake in our work and sphere of activity, and it is no different for suppliers, producers and landlords of commercial and studio space.

Losses and losses due to the lockdown, with the associated professional ban of 20 weeks this year (calculated from the first lockdown including the second until probably January 10th, 2021) have hit us financially hard and were only partially compensated by state aid.

The lockdown "light" and its associated professional ban, has lasted almost 6 weeks so far and an end is not in sight and it is no longer financially viable by many competitors in the industry.

However, it does not only affect our own pockets, but also all those who act as suppliers, landlords, manufacturers, etc. are in direct and indirect connection.

Aid promised by the state comes late and / or only partially.

We believe it is understandable in which situation we are. So far (December 8th, 2020) we have not been able to post any income for 16 weeks and that with expenses in full.

Try the experiment, you will fail. Without art, life becomes gray; without self-employed people and medium-sized companies, the state budget is and will remain tight.

For years we have tried to establish the tattoo scene as a publicly recognized professional branch, imposing ever higher standards on ourselves in terms of technology, execution and, last but not least, hygiene. In order to destroy this again by arbitrarily issued professional bans. Here not only individual livelihoods, but an entire industry are destroyed.

Furthermore, the lockdown has also driven some customers into the arms of not serious tattooists who, in turn, cast a bad image of our industry and ruin our future or access as a recognized profession.

We do not want to be equated with hairdressers or cosmetics - NO - Our requirements or guidelines for hygiene and work materials correspond more to a doctor's practice or clinic, which is why we also want a separation of the Cosmetics Ordinance from our Tattoo Inks Ordinance, as there are two completely different professions (one finds on the skin and the other goes under the skin).

There is no proof that we have a direct influence on the infection process in North Rhine-Westphalia or even in all of Germany.

We therefore demand the lifting of the professional ban for tattooists and piercers by 02/01/2021 at the latest, but also sooner if the lockdown is ended earlier!

We could also change our work behavior for the time being and only work every second day during the lockdown (of course, continue to work under the existing hygiene concepts and measures) in order to curb the infection process, when only one customer can be served a day. In addition, in contrast to shopping centers (which have around 500 to 5000 visitors and customers per day), we can use the declarations of consent to prove each customer with the date and time.

Thank you for your support, Thomas Köck from Münster
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