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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: Petition against the closure of the Siemens office in Offenbach Petition against the closure of the Siemens office in Offenbach
  • Von: Betriebsrat Siemens Offenbach mehr
  • An: Vorstand der Siemens AG
  • Region: Offenbach am Main mehr
    Kategorie: Wirtschaft mehr
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Petition against the closure of the Siemens office in Offenbach


Deutsche Petition

On 19th October 2017 it was published in the media that Siemens is planning massive staff reductions in the Power and Gas division. The prospective closure of several company locations in Germany and the world was also announced. Since then no clear statement to these plans has been made by the managing board of Siemens. The employees and their families are living in fear for their jobs.

It appears that, in addition to other Siemens locations, Offenbach with its 800 employees is also at risk. Despite good work, decades of experience and competent employees, anxieties over the future are being stirred up again. Clear questions regarding the future of the Offenbach site have not been responded by the managing board!

Over decades, we have realised power plant projects throughout the whole world and have made a significant contribution to the overall business success of Siemens AG. We in Offenbach ensure the realisation of customized power plants that are thousands of kilometers away.

All of which appears to be worthless or forgotten. The point on the map has become an obstacle for a new lean organisation. The calls from the workforce are being ignored.


Siemens AG has to provide a future perspective for all locations – including Offenbach. This perspective has to be developed together with the workforce. Considering the closure of locations despite profitable business and a high workload seems preposterous and should not be the starting point for such discussions. The continuing silence of the managing board leaves the employees behind plagued by existential fears. This tactless approach does not fit into the self-perception of Siemens.

We support the preservation of the Offenbach site and all other Siemens locations! We stand ready to support the creation of a sustainable concept for the future! However, we are firmly opposed to a policy of closing down several Siemens locations in Germany. Please show us your support so that our calls will finally be heard!

Thank you very much! Employees’ Council and workforce of Siemens in Offenbach

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Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.

Offenbach, 15.11.2017 (aktiv bis 09.01.2018)

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Warum Menschen unterschreiben

Because my dad and many family friends work there

This office is one of pioneer in big project handling.

I am associated with Employees as bussiness channel partner who have contributed decades to provide power plants to world with their hard work dedication and devotion.This contribution of employees in offenbach has given a growth potential to Siemens ...

Ich bin gegen Gewinnoptimierung zu Lasten der Arbeitnehmer....

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