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Preservation of the electric charging station at the Zugspitze cable car

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Major Stephan Märkl; Municipal utilities Garmisch-Partenkirchen
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The charging station for electric cars at the Zugspitze station Eibsee has not been accessible for months and since then, electric cars have been denied easy access to Eibsee and the Zugspitze cable car. According to official information from the energy operator (, the aforementioned location is now to be completely dismantled. This is a completely wrong signal for e-mobility and the future of environmentally friendly tourism. Therefore I demand that this location is preserved and made accessible again for the numerous visitors.


The transition to e-mobility is in full swing, with the number of new vehicle registrations rising steadily and significantly. The market share of electric and hybrid vehicles is already 11.4% ( However, the above-mentioned measures in the municipality of Grainau are a major hindrance to the pioneers of this technology, especially since the Zugspitzbahn location is the only publicly accessible charging station in the closer surroundings. Especially in tourism areas which are characterized by nature, a positive signal should be sent out and an emission-free journey should be facilitated.

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Thank you for your support, Lukas Selch from Neuburg an der Donau
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