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Proper parking for rental bicycles in Berlin!

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We demand that the rental bicycle have proper parking spots!

The city of Berlin has to create the possibility, that rental bicycles and the people of Berlin, can coexist peacefully. E-Scooter and Bicycle brands such as: Deezer, Uber, Jump, Nextbike, Mobike & oBike, Call a Bike, Lidl Bikes, Coup, Tier etc, have all taken over the city in the last few years. We are not the dumping ground for Aluminium Trash


Pedestrians, wheelchair bound people, old people as well as parents with pushchairs are particularly affected by this problem and the office of "ordnung" in Berlin, appears to be a little overwhelmed with this issue.

In other cities such as Antwerp, there is already a solution. The bicycles are only allowed to be left and secured in specially designed areas. If this is not heeded, then the company has to pay a fine.

Lets put some pressure on the political system and bring our City back into it's proper state!

Thank you for your support, Dan Axford from Berlin
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