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Regulate the Responsible Use of e-Scooters in Berlin

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21 supporters 15 in Berlin
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While e-scooters can be valuable in combatting traffic and harmful emissions, their unrestricted use has the following unwanted effects:

  • Discouraging citizens from the benefits of exercise (walking & cycling)
  • Reckless use endangering the elderly, children and pets on public sidewalks

To discourage reckless use of e-scooters and to focus their use on combatting harmful emissions, we propose one or both of the following restrictions:

  • Permit use of e-scooters only for those with a valid driving license
  • Set a minimum age limit for users of e-scooters, validated via government-issued ID


Easily available, alternative transportation boosts quality of life in any city, but if any mode of transit comes at the expense of citizen safety and happiness, there’s a net loss. If we want to move quickly towards a low or zero-carbon transportation future, we must make that future clearly and undeniably attractive to all city residents. Reckless use of e-scooters/rollers increasingly makes life in Berlin annoying and even dangerous — but we have the collective power to choose differently.

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