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Request for Wifi Internet Connection in Student Halls of Residence in Witzenhausen


The lack of Wifi Connection has caused many limitations for the students residing in the student halls of the University as the WLAN old cables are not compatible for the new generation of Desktop PCs, Tablets, Laptop Tablets, Apple Laptops etc. For this reason the need for providing Wifi connection in the student halls of residence is growing.


1. New generation of laptops are not compatible to the WLAN cable without an adaptor
2. The adaptor costs around 30 euros and should be replaced every few months
3. The provided WLAN internet connection is too slow
4. The number of devices that may be connected is always limited to one and sharing the internet by softwares affect the connection's quality
5. The students are not satisfied about the WLAN internet connection situation quality

In the name of all signers.

witzenhausen, 21 Aug 2015 (aktiv bis 20 Nov 2015)

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