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1,060 supporters
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The sports meadow in Berlin's Jahnsportpark offers thousands of people local sports facilities.

Many people use this green jewel in the middle of the plane trees to practice health and leisure sports or to train undisturbed for competitive sports.

No other place offers such a large protected area where you as a woman, child, barefoot athlete or sensory sensitive person can feel so safe and secure.

The initiative “save the Jahnsportpark” has already attracted a lot of attention for the interests of non-club sports and the preservation of the area. It has been possible to initiate an orderly process and tender process, to successfully initiate a citizen participation process and to prevent the stadium from being demolished, which was planned for 2020. Future construction activities and a new stadium are still to be expected. It was promised that an area of “same size” would be preserved for the public as the previous sports field. Of course that can mean a lot. There is a risk that remaining areas after construction will simply be added up and rounded up in order to seemingly fulfill such promises.

Therefore the clear and unequivocal demand:

  • The sports field should remain untouched.
  • The sports field should remain free during any construction work and be available to the public at all times.
  • The sports field should be officially recognized by the city administration and district as a safe space for women, children and individual sports, because no area on the site is used by more people.
  • The sports meadow is intended to offer people of all ages, origins and genders the opportunity to exercise and maintain their health as a low-threshold facility.
  • The sports field should continue to be available to people with children, single parents, people with low incomes, people who do not feel comfortable in a competitive environment, and people who do not want to travel to leisure activities by car.
  • The sports field makes a valuable contribution to the district as a cold air corridor, and that alone would be enough reason to maintain it.
  • The sports field also benefits people who don't do sports there.
  • The sports meadow with its trees and small ecological niches is an important habitat for small animals, squirrels and numerous vorgel species, all of which are seriously threatened.

Sports field for everyone!


A renovation of the sports stadium will take place sooner or later. There is therefore an acute risk that the sports field will be used as a storage and shifting area for building materials and a parking space for construction equipment.

It's easy to imagine what happens after such overuse.

The felling of trees, sealing and the rough handling of public natural resources in Berlin speak for themselves.

With the redesign, there is the possibility that "an equivalent area" ultimately represents just a patchwork that exists on paper but does not offer the functions of a high-quality, natural meadow surrounded by plane trees.

Only the sports field, with its current, protected, undivided extent, can offer the qualities that we people in the district need now. So that everyone, young, old, sporty and unathletic, can enjoy the sports field in the Jahnsportpark for generations to come.

Your support for the petition “save the trees in the Jahnsportpark” has helped preserve the open space to this day. Your support online and offline was not in vain. We were able to maintain the meadow for an entire kindergarten age. Let's add many more kindergarten ages to this.

Help us with your signature! Thanks.

Further information about the petition and the Jahnsportpark: www.jahnsportpark.de

Thank you for your support, Alexander Puell from Berlin
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Ich nutze diesen Raum regelmäßig (1 bis 2 Mal pro Woche). Ich auch viele Kinder und Erwachsene nutzen den Raum jeden Tag. Der Raum wird nicht nur von Einzelpersonen, sondern auch von Jugendsportteams und Erwachsenensportteams genutzt.

on 11 Nov 2023

Prenzlauerberg needs this public safe space for everyone. Cooling the area as well. Super important for the summers!

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