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Kiezblock Schillerpark (Berlin-Wedding) | For a livable neighborhood with less traffic 🌱

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Bezirksverordnetenversammlung Berlin-Mitte
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631 supporters
84% achieved 750 for collection target
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Hello, everyone,
We need your vote to improve the quality of life around the historic Schillerpark in Berlin-Wedding. To this end, we want to noticeably calm traffic within the district. A so-called Kiezblock is to be created for this purpose. A neighborhood block is used to reduce traffic with bollards in appropriate places. Residents, garbage collectors, police or ambulances will still be able to reach any area of ​​the district. However, the district is becoming unattractive for speeders or unnecessary through traffic.
In order to get the concept developed with the help of traffic experts through politics, we need YOUR vote. We are trying to collect 1000 signatures to show local politicians that the project is approved.
We would be very grateful if you could give us your vote for a more climate and environmentally friendly capital.
Thanks in advance!


This petition is important to visibly increase the quality of life in Berlin-Wedding. Regardless of the district, the capital is still a rapidly growing city, which has led to various problems in recent years.
Among other things, Berlin still has a high volume of car traffic. The capital continues to be one of the German cities with the highest average hours of traffic jams (Source: Auto Zeitung, This is in contrast to the city's ambitious climate goals, which is why progressive traffic calming of cars is of great importance.
Building the Kiezblock would contribute to this goal. In any case, the English Quarter is home to two schools with hundreds of students. The safety of the students could therefore be increased by the lower through traffic. Local residents would also benefit from less noise and emissions in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the English quarter, which is located around the historic Schillerpark, would generally gain in attractiveness.
In summary, it can be assumed that the potentially lower traffic will have a positive effect on road safety, waste generation and volume in the English Quarter. Important: Residents, garbage collectors, police or ambulances are not prevented by the neighborhood block.
The petition is important for these reasons, which is why any votes of support would be of great importance.
All information about Kiezblock Schillerpark you can find here:

Thank you for your support, Kiezblock Schillerpark from Berlin
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