Dear Mr. Keimer, As you probably know, Mrs. A-W and her husband run an animal sanctuary on the premises of Korweiler Mühle. Old, sick, and undesirable animals find a protective home there. I met the couple a few years ago and I highly value their work. Every day they go out of their way in order to provide helpless animals a new home, or even to find them their own family. They don’t bother anybody or inconvenience anybody when they do their work. They just want to live in peace. Unfortunately, not everybody shares my view. For example, last year one of their horses had been poisoned. The path to Korweiler Mühle used to be closed off to the public. During the last weeks there were some discussions whether this should be changed or not. While a decision is being sought, the inhabitants of the Mühle had to suffer frequent harassment: numerous cars would drive by at night blearing their horns, and people would shine flashlights into the house. Today the decision was reached that the path would become accessible to the public. It runs directly along the house. Reckless and too fast driving poses a danger to the lives of the animals and also of the people who live there. This would mean the end of the animal sanctuary, because it would be irresponsible to expose the animals to such conditions. I beg you to reconsider your decision. All the animals would lose their home and also their trust towards people, if this decision were upheld. All the hard work at the animal sanctuary would have been in vain. You would rob the humans and the animals of their will to live. For years, the path was closed off to the public. People used it clandestinely. What would be the use of opening it up now?


We should support people who are ready to sacrifice their whole lives for the sake of other beings. These people should not lose the belief in their work. Every saved animal adds a bit of happiness to the world. Animals are the most innocent beings on the earth; unfortunately, they are powerless in the face of decisions made by human beings. Please do your part to improve out world a little; show that you have a heart and that you won’t take their home away – the people and especially the animals would not be able to survive that.

Thank you for your support

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