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Ukraine is a sovereign state

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Ukraine is a sovereign state! The limits were set and guaranteed in the Budapest Memorandum! The Ukrainian government was democratically elected. Ukrainian is an independent language and not a Russian dialect. The Ukrainian language is the sole official language of Ukraine and is spoken there by around 32 million people as their mother tongue.[6] There are also Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians who use it as a second language. After Russian and Polish, Ukrainian is the Slavic language with the third highest number of speakers. Due to the relatively late differentiation of the individual Slavic languages ​​from the common origin Urslavic, the common vocabulary is comparatively large, it is about two thirds.

"History has proven it: Ukraine must not exist as a nation state. Any attempt to create the state leads to Nazism. Ukrainism is an artificial anti-Russian construct... Denazification of Ukraine must be de-Europeanization of Ukraine."

These statements of the Russian state-affiliated media (there are no other media anymore), which were also specified by Medvedev, want the re-education of the Ukrainians or the annihilation of those who cannot be re-educated.

But not Ukraine attacked Russia! And Ukraine handed over all nuclear weapons to Russia! And that Ukraine developed the corona virus is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

And it is more than a war as civilians are targeted for killing, raping and robbing. Martial law and international humanitarian law are ignored.

Therefore, a withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory (the 1997 borders) is demanded. The damage that Russia has caused to human life and infrastructure through the unjustified attack on Ukrainian territory must be compensated.


Thank you for your support, Andreas Enzmann from Wien
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