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Use sign language! Multilingual - multimodal - finally normal!

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All State Parliaments and the German Parliament may implement Article 24 paragraphs 3 and 4 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in order to promote the topic of sign language at all levels of education in German-speaking countries.


Deaf Girl: "I wish my teachers could speak sign language!"

Father: "Will my child understand her teacher and the other children when school starts?"

From the petition video on YouTube:

It's all legal - with the UN Disability Rights Convention, deaf children and adults since 2009 have the right in Germany to:

  • Sign language acquisition
  • Education in sign language
  • Sign language teachers

=> At all levels of the education system

Discrimination is not new! For about 140 years (see "The Milan Conference" on the Education of the Deaf) many educators *, specialists * and officials * consider sign language inferior to oral modes of communication and deafness an unfortunate disability. This is a fatal error that affects all German-speaking areas. Although it was legally remedied in 2009 with the UN Disability Rights Convention, the concrete implementation of resources for the Deaf is determined by the state.

Dear readers - you too can contribute something! Sign this petition - for barrier-free education for Lilli, as well as many other children, adolescents and adults, and mothers and fathers in similar situations.

Dear officials, ministers, and administrators - reduce barriers to education and society! Enable barrier-free learning and living! Put Article 24 paragraph 3 and 4 of the UN DRC in Saxony.

As Netzwerk BilingualERleben, consisting of professionals and stakeholders, we are very willing to discuss!

Best regards, Netzwerk BilingualERleben; Spokeswoman Magdalena Stenzel

This petition is supported by the Bundeselternverband gehörloser Kinder e.V.

More information about deaf children/sign language/CI:

Ein Beispiel Gebärdensprache und Cochela Implantat - bilingual

Thank you for your support, Magdalena Stenzel from Berlin
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    Kultusminister Prof. Dr. Michael Piazolo (2.v.l.) nimmt die Petition von Verbandsvertretern und hörbehinderten Kindern entgegen.
    V.l.n.r.: Bernd Schneider (Landesverband Bayern der Gehörlosen e.V.), Prof. Dr. Michael Piazolo (Kultusminister), Carsten Lang, Katharina Mitterhuber (beide Elternvereinigung), Cornelia von Pappenheim (GMU e.V.)
    Bildquelle: EV/Anton Schneid


    Für eine gleichberechtigte, barrierefreie Bildung in Gebärdensprache für hörbehinderte Kinder: Kultusminister Prof. Dr. Michael Piazolo nimmt Petition entgegen

    München, 19.07.2019. Die Vereinigung der Eltern hörbehinderter Kinder in Bayern e.V., der Gehörlosenverband München und Umland e.V. und der Landesverband... further

  • Thank you verry much for all your support!!

    More than 9000 votes now!

    Now 40 spirited deaf kids tell the world what sign language use means to them.
    The film "Deaf Children" supports the educational campaign "Use sign language! Multilingual-multimodal*-finally normal!". Most deaf children are not given the opportunity to learn and use sign language. Petitioner M. Stenzel wants to change that. She calls for the immediate implementation of Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

    And you can support them! Please spread them an the petition:!gehoerlosekinder

    Best regards
    Magdalena Stenzel

    *using German sign language as well as spoken and/or written German

  • Your voice for deaf children!
    Sign the petition at: openpetitionn/!gehoerlosekinder

    For barrier-free education with sign language!

    Dear Supporters,

    Today, the petition "Implement Sign Language! Bilingual - bimodal - finally normal! * " goes nationwide! All state parliaments and the Bundestag are to discuss the future of sign language education. Therefore, we currently need as much attention as possible - for this, we need your help:

    We've created a picture of what's going on in social media. As many people as possible should share this image to generate even more attention. You can share the picture post directly on the Facebook page of the petition platform openPetition or retweet it on Twitter:

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