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Vaccination regulation without special case provision

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The Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance - CoronaImpfV, issued by the Federal Ministry of Health with effect from December 15, 2020, does not contain any special case regulation provision that enables cases of hardship to be taken into account while assigning a person to a prioritized group..

Since the Vaccination Ordinance curtails various basic rights, a special case regulation provision is an urgent requirement for humanitarian reasons.


My case: As a German citizen, I have been living in India for 27 years.

After the suspension of international air traffic at the end of May last year, I made use of a privileged departure option for German citizens living in India, announced by the German consulate in Bengaluru / India, - because the health of my mother, who lives in a nursing home, had deteriorated dramatically due to the pandemic; meanwhile she has passed away without that I have been given the opportunity to meet her.

After I left India, my entry visa (X visa) was suspended due to the pandemic; however, the Indian government issued me a new entry visa as a humanitarian gesture on December 23rd.

Since mid-December, I have written to the Berlin Senator for Health, the Federal Minister of Health and the Federal Chancellor, unsuccessfully, asking to be included in Group I of the prioritized people, although I will not reach the criterion of reaching the age of 80 until February 18, 2021 .

The center of my life has been in India for 27 years. There is my home and I urgently need to return so that I can take care of my house and my staff again, or dispose my responsibility and duties as co convenor of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) Thrissur, an office into which I was elected as a founding member in 2013, having been re-elected in November of last year.

The Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance - CoronaImpfV, issued by the Federal Ministry of Health with effect from December 15, 2020, does not give me the opportunity to make my voice heard by referring to such a provision, - because there is no special case provision. On the other hand, it gives the officials an opportunity, as in my case, to either not react at all, to refer to the responsibility of subordinate authorities or only to the Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance - CoronaImpfV and / or corresponding links containing information from the Senate Administration.

Thank you for your support, Prem Manasvi Paul from Berlin
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Why people sign

  • Palakkad

    on 11 Feb 2021

    This petition is very important for me because I believe in humanity.

  • Sreenath Kp , Hitachinaka

    on 07 Feb 2021

    Manasvi has all the rights to be in Kerala.

  • on 03 Feb 2021

    Manasvi is well known person in kerala (south india ) he is directly involved in art and literature as well as reformed art form like tholpavakoothu .The entire dry land been transformed to beautiful tropical forest in the last 25 years lot of animals and birds are living because of his dedicated approach to nature .The love and dedication he given to the people and entire land is countless .Lot of water pools and rain harvest system been implemented in the entire village because of his commitment towards to mother nature .So as a family person please allow him to go back to India where is belongs as we say always home is where the heart is .

  • K V Cybil Varanasi

    on 01 Feb 2021

    In support of the hardship clause for defence of civic rights during a pandemic, As an associate member of INTACH Thrissur chapter, I feel his contributions are valuable to the organization

  • Gayathri MR Palakkad

    on 31 Jan 2021

    Mr. Prem Manasvi Paul has been intensively working for INTACH Thrissur chapter in Kerala, for the protection and preservation of heritage buildings. He has been instrumental in preserving and restoring a traditional Kerala Nalukettu mansion and a pond, adding value to the cultural heritage of Kerala. So, it will be of great help, if he is allowed to live and work in the country and home of his choice and permit him to follow his passion, serving the nation.

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