During the application for a new passport, citizens should be able to decide wether they want their passport in a new EU design or in their old national design.

We understand the EU is not considered to be a national state yet. Therefore it can not give out passports. But it is possible for EU member states to give out passports in a unified EU design, that are officially still national passports.


In most member states the EU is being seen as a bureaucratic monster, imposing unnecessary rules for unimportant problems. Marketing of the EU has gone from bad to worse with stories about Grexit and Brexit dominating the international press. Too often our politicians in Brussels keep on doing policies in their national interest and are missing European approaches.

We believe most European citizens are missing an emotional connection with Europe. We cheer for our national team at the Worldcup and defend our national interests. But if we want to defend European interests in the world, we are divided. Our opponents can easily find a member state close to their position and so weaken our voice in the world.

European citizens are missing a connection to the European Union, something they could carry with them in their pocket. With a European designed passport an emotional link between Europeans and the EU would be built. A unified Europe brings peace and prosperity to its citizens. We need more positive emotional connections.

Thank you for your support, Ilovemy.eu from Berlin
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Europe has a problem with identity. As the partition has noted, most people still think in national terms. What could be a solution and would be more acceptable to many people, including the British ( if they somehow stay in the EU) is a European Identity card, similar to the medical card already in use. Creating a European identity will take time, but the EU's decision to continue to support the Iranian nuclear deal is a start.


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