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You should download the mobile app called: Online Soccer Manager. You can start as a user multiple seasons with different team. Every team has it's own goal per season, depending on the quality of the players and the budget of the club. For example; Chelsea, have the goal to be champion that and Sunderland have to goal to maintain in the Premier League. In this way you can play the club you love with your own goal. Besides this, it should be an awesome feature to manage and upgrade (youth) training staff, doctors and lawyers (for bans).
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Creating this new game mode could help both bring in new players to the platform and revitalize old ones. At the time of writing this, over 11,000 people have already signed. That's 11,000 people who really want to see this in the game.
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Connected Career offers very little chance for EA to make money, it would not make economic sense to add a new game mode that allows team building.
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