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It is a sad day in any country when a man of God is disrespected for preaching the word of God. Most people that object to this man's preaching, have, most likely never read the word of God. Thank God for men of God who stand for right, no matter what the consequences are. God bless you sir, and HE WILL!!!! I am praying for you!

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Bravo Pastor Latzel, finally a pastor who preaches God's word as it is written and not as we like to hear and interpret it Homosexuality is a sickness not of the individual but of society. Our society has gone wrong and we have to find a way back to our Christian rules. Olaf Latzel is doing what Martin Luther did long time ago, set the record straight. He has my full support.

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    Urteil gegen Gott

2Tim 4,3 Denn es wird eine Zeit sein, da sie die gesunde Lehre nicht ertragen, sondern nach ihren eigenen Lüsten sich selbst Lehrer aufhäufen werden, indem es ihnen in den Ohren kitzelt;

Source: Die Bibel
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The Pastor is right. He is the new Martin Luther. Homosexuality is an aberration of nature.It should be banned from public exposure. It should be against the law for anyone to influence this modern day plague onto young children. LGBT is crap! Go back to your closet you bunch of assholes.

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Has this world become so evil that we want to fight s.o. because he follows and wants to encourage others to follow the Word of God...? He is right about Homosexuality is unnatural and sends our children onto the wrong path in life. I saw 2 boys being intimate in the park as that is what they see on telly, when really it's unhygienic and perverted. We are not allowed to speak that Truth...? The world is in a terrible state. Also Islam is a dangerous religion. He is right again. Any wise person will know, Mr. L. is only trying to save us. He should be rewarded. Shame on it all !

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