CO2NSEQUENCES - the carbon resource currency "ECO" as your ecological basic income

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at 05 Sep 2020 16:56

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Neuer Titel: CO2NSEQUENCES - we need a the carbon resource currency ECO... now!
"ECO" as your ecological basic income

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at 21 Aug 2020 13:05

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Neuer Titel: CO2NSEQUENCES - we need a system change ... carbon resource currency ECO... now!

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Neuer Petitionstext: **Climate change is just around the corner! And we are facing a task of the century - but we have far less than 100 years to do it.**
Honoured European Parliament, we demand a CO2 currency – the ECO – an equally rationed, per capita ecological income to realistically combat climate change.
Because each thing has two prices – one economic, one ecological. Often, the cheaper a product is produced, the higher the cost to our environment. Our currencies do not reflect the damage a given product inflicts on the environment. With the carbon resource currency ECO, we pay hard cash for the fossil fuels a product or service expends. Thus, the impact our consumer habits have on the climate receives a solid material value.

**We are the climate protection movement SaveClimate.Earth!**
We are fighting to resolve the frustrating climate change stalemate. While current policies are more than discouraging and ineffective, we have developed the **ALTERNATIVE CLIMATE CONCEPT**. The concept introduces a parallel resource currency – a highly practical, realistic and socially just way out of our climate crisis. Many current approaches are focus on taxation measures. Taxes, however, are passed down to consumers, merely increasing the already high cost of living. Taxes also do not limit CO2 emissions quickly and reliably enough. And time is running out for us!
To meet climate targets, we need a reliable, transparent rationing of the amount of carbon emissions humanity can still afford. Hence, a complementary **CO2currency **CO2 currency ECO (Earth Carbon Obligation)**, which makes it possible to clearly trace the ecological footprint of a given product or service, adjusting the price on a polluter-pays basis. Every citizen has the right to spend his or her carbon allowance individually. The ECO allowance is distributed monthly, an equal amount per person. **This is our basic ecological income**. Everyone can choose how they spend their personal emissions quota and how to integrate climate protection into their life.
With consumer pressure increasing, the industry automatically converts to climate-friendly processes. The new, rationed CO2 currency provides transparency. We will ask for products and services that leave a smaller ecological footprint. The administrative effort is minimal, regulated by a single fiscal adjustment screw at the neck of the entire system – by the volume control of the resource currency and by the state-supervised and controlled extraction of fossil fuels coal, oil and gas. The ECO flows in a closed circulatory system, directly reflecting the ecological footprint, i.e. the amount of fossil fuels of all products and services you buy. The ECO includes all steps in the value chain: from raw material extraction and production, to transport and marketing to the finished product and ultimately to you as a final consumer. Even unused ECO can be traded against national currency on the climate exchange.
***In order to stop climate change, we must not exceed the CO2 budget! We are calling for a rationed CO2 currency,the ECO (Earth Carbon Obligation) as an ecological basic income for all. Individual climate accounts record the emissions of our personal consumption and thus, effectively limit CO2.***
The ALTERNATIVE CLIMATE CONCEPT is much more effective than CO2 taxation because it is:
- **fair**, every citizen receives the same emission budget - your basic ecological income.
- **holistic**, including both the polluter pays principle and the social system as a whole.
- **smart**, because it takes a minimum of administrative effort, circulating from the bottleneck of the entire value chain. All that is needed is a single fiscal adjustment screw -- currency volume control which ultimately regulates fossil fuel production volume (coal, oil and gas).
- **uncomplicated** and easy to integrate into existing market-based processes. The ECO price of products and services is automatically determined by market-based mechanisms within a sustainable, closed circular system.
- **effective**. Industries will react immediately to consumer pressure, demanding climate-friendly products and environmentally friendly production processes.
- **transparent**, making all the costs of our ecological footprint visible. With the newly created CO2 currency, we can see how much our personal consumption is burdening the environment. Responsibility for changing consumer behaviour is returned to the citizen.
- **comprehensive** including all instances of value creation, right down to the smallest screw.
- **tolerant** clear CO2 limits apply to everyone while allowing maximum personal freedom of choice. Every citizen knows how to integrate climate protection into their lives

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