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For the retention of gender history at the University of Jena!

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Präsident der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Der Fakultätsrat der Philosophischen Fakultät, Der Thüringische Landtag
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09/28/2022, 16:13

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 OnFor the retention of gender history at the University of Jena!

On 12th July 2022, the members of the faculty council of the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Jena voted to not restaff the Chair for Gender History. When its current occupant, Gisela Mettele, retires in 2025, the chair will thus be dissolved indefinitely.

Our society will continue to concern itself with questions of gender, sexuality and their interwovenness with other dimensions of inequality. Gender history helps to contextualize these debates historically and to give them a scientific dimension.Genderdimension. Gender history helps to classify these debates historically and to process them scientifically.

The elimination of the chair sends the wrong message to actors in our economy, in politics and throughout our society overall.

We demand a transparent and democratic deliberative process to reach such an important decision! We demand a public debate in which students, gender historians and academics studying gender from other perspectives will have a voice. voice.

From the political sphere we therefore demand adequate funding for scientific gender research!

Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 174 (7 in Jena)

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