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    at 05 Jun 2021 06:33

    This petition has been updated to include our concrete demands.

    Neuer Petitionstext:


    Stop the construction of a parking lot on Meuthstraße!

    On June 7th, the city council plans to vote for a consequential construction project. As of now, the only parties speaking out against this shortsighted plan of investor Ritter's are Alliance 90/the Greens and the Left.

    • The 8400 square meter large greenspace lies directly in the middle of a stream of fresh air that is essential for cooling the downtown area. (Greenspace concept 2016, 7.5. "City climate", p. 100)
    • According to the lower water authorities, there is a very high risk of flooding in this area. (See construction committee of November 5th, 2020, BV 0S585/2020, p. 18)
    • The climate adaptation concept (Chapter 4: "Prevent heat - create green") calls for green areas to be preserved and created.

    That is why the only solution is unsealing surfaces, adding green space, and upgrading.

    Neue Begründung:


    We want a livable city!

    Kaiserslautern is a beautiful city, that's not even a question. At a minimum it stays that way. But even Kaiserslautern can become even prettier.

    An example is the development plan from 1995, which calls for a parking garage on Parkplatz Meuthstraße that would create enough parking spaces to turn not only this parking lot but also the two to the west into parks or greenspace.

    To the north, there should be a biking path protected by trees, and to the south, the Lauter river could be re-opened, which would make not only the area but the entire city markedly more attractive.

    The fresh wind from the Kaiserberg would would be further cooled by the trees and the air quality would be improved, so that we could deal with a warming climate and heat-related deaths would decrease - or at least not increase.

    Mr. Ritter wants a fortress!

    The investor and the city council want exactly this: more heat-related deaths!

    They're planning to build a five to seven story building, which would cover nearly the entire parking surface. Among other things, they want to build furnished rooms for businesspeople and travelers to rent in the short-term. Additionally, they want to create business premises. As far as we know, there is no fair or social plan for what to do with the leftover rooms.

    In clear language, this means:

    • more heat-related deaths
    • flooding
    • another ugly space
    • no safe bike path
    • even worse air quality
    • lots of profit for Mr. Ritter

    That is why we support:

    1. Using a model to verify the city development compatibility of the plan
    2. Commissioning a climate protection report by independent experts about the effects of development at the Meuthstraße
    3. Updating and transferring the concept "Green Rail Lautertal" to today's requirements for climate protection and adaptation

    Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 235 (155 in Kaiserslautern)

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