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Reform transsexual law - but do it right!

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We demand a better and above all dignified change of the first name and civil status change for all transgender people in Germany. We too have a right to self-determination!

The Federal Ministry has published a draft law to reform the TSG of 1981 with regard to the change of first name and civil status (note by the translator: gender entry in the birth certificate and other documents). [1]

From 2020, the two expert opinions required so far will no longer be required and instead "qualified advice" with a certificate will suffice. Nevertheless, a judicial procedure must be followed to have the gender entry and the name adapted.

The draft comprises 31 pages, which were sent at noon on 8. May 2019 as a circular letter to various associations by circular mail, which have only 2 days to comment, i.e. until 10. May 2019. According to the explanatory memorandum of the law, the advisors remain the same as before - the content will hardly change at all.

After many years of struggle, we finally want an appropriate change or reform of the law, which also applies to a modern society and makes things easier for us. After all, we are not criminals.


Most of those affected by this law do not agree with the bill. We wish for a simplification of the first name and civil status change, but not like this!

What will be new is that spouses will now also have to be heard. Or that persons whose applications have been rejected must wait three years before they can submit a new application.

The fact that you have to wait 3 years for a new application after a rejection is not acceptable from our point of view. The reason alone, if one carries out or has carried out one's sex reassignment surgeries and then, despite transitioning, has to continue to appear in society with the name and gender assigned at birth, is not acceptable for the feeling of the affected person. In addition, the questioning of spouses is not very dignified.

Any transgender person knows best for themselves what's going on with them. Interrogating the spouses in this case is not an option. Especially since many spouses separate from their partners in this situation and thus this interrogation could have a negative effect on the person concerned. The new qualified counselling is no different than it has been so far - not with us!


Thank you for your support, Melina Thévenot from Pforzheim
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    The minister of justice Katarina Barley said the draft is an improvement, ignoring the criticism from the community, the opposition and her own party. She said self-determination with the coalition partner is not possible. She said: If the community does not want her draft (which was written together with the ministry of the interior) you can leave it at that.

    This is a hard punch against trans, inter and non-binary people in Germany and a hard punch against this petition. At first a submission to the cabinet was delayed, so the community was hopeful. Now the draft could be submitted next week to the cabinet, on its way to the parliament.

    This draft is not the improvement Katarina Barley wants... further

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