Alumni of the HbK Braunschweig support the students' demands

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Alumni of the HbK Braunschweig support the students' demands

- Braunschweig as the location of an art college was interesting for many by only a few things (which had nothing to do with the city but with decisions of the responsible persons).

  1. very good workshops and outstanding care in the same.

  2. interesting, committed and current occupation of the professorships.

  3. 24/7 access to the workshops, workshops (with the consent of the workshop manager), computer rooms.

All this is either already deleted or is in danger of disappearing. This should be prevented by all means and from all sides.

Alumni of the HbK Braunschweig hereby solidify with the present students.


Since 17.10.2017 the students of the HbK Braunschweig decided to go to Blumenstr. (Studio building).

This as a sign of dissatisfaction over years of misdirection and lack of communication.

With this petition, the students are to be motivated to continue and feel supported by us all.

The HbK Braunschweig should be aware that their reputation is getting worse and that the call for help from the students has arrived at our alumni.

I would not have studied at the HbK Braunschweig under such circumstances!

In the name of all signers.

Schiphorst, 18 Oct 2017 (active until 14 Nov 2017)

Thank you for your support

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