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BACK_TO_SCHOOL_HAMBURG Learning at school for all grades (at least in groups of half class-size)

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Dear parents, students, teachers, and fellow citizens who believe in the importance of the education and wellbeing of our children, we demand of the Hamburg Senate in-person school for every grade, at least in hybrid mode!

A year into the pandemic, we owe it to our children to offer in-person school for every student at least in small groups. The damage for children and teenagers induced by the lockdown is tremendous.

Children are entitled to education! Studies show that the majority of children are adversely affected by long-term distance-schooling.

Since December many children have not been able to attend in-person school.

Every child and teenager, who wishes to, should have access to in-person school.

WHAT do we demand?

  • Hybrid school for every grade!

HOW can this be achieved?

  • By a safe opening strategy during the pandemic (e.g. classes cut in half, mandatory tests, mandatory face masks, ventilation)
  • expedited vaccination of all teachers
  • use of further devices, like UV lamps, installation of ventilation systems


WHY is this important?

  • High quality learning happens in school. A screen can never be a substitute for a teacher.
  • Digital learning depends heavily on the digital knowledge of the teacher
  • Direct social contact is the foundation of a healthy mental development - children need children
  • Physical Education is important - kids can exercise outside now that it’s getting warmer
  • Distance-schooling increases the educational gap. Children from lower income families are left behind—academically and socially.
  • Learning together with peers is a more multifaceted and motivating process
  • School is more than just learning
  • Closing down schools makes our kids sick

We expect to consider not only the danger of the virus but also the harm that has occurred as a result of school closings.

  • lower academic achievements, lack of prospects
  • social isolation, listlessness, discontinuation of recreational activities
  • increase of mental illness, (online) bullying, drug use
  • increase of screen time
  • frustration and aggression
  • endangering the welfare of children because of overwhelmed families
  • loss of fitness, increase of obesity, secondary diseases

WHO we are:

A group of parents as diverse as our children. We’re worried about the future of our society and how life with a pandemic will be possible without causing irreversible damage.

With your signatures, our voices will be heard, and we can become the strong lobby our children need.

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How can you support us further?

Write an email to back_to_school [@] if you’d like to participate and forward this petition to friends, relatives and colleagues.

Thank you for your support, Christian Martens from Hamburg
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