constant right of residence for our fellow students and friends Emmanuel Agyeman and Abdel Mola

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In summer 2015 we were lucky to meet Emmanuel and Abdel, two young africans. We were deeply stirred by their story, being refugees from Ghana. They had to flee their homes on their own to escape the violence and leave everything behind, walking away to an uncertain and surely frightening future – at the age of only 14 and 15.

Many school- and freetime activities make us feel like Emmanuel and Abdel are truly well-integrated. Meanwhile, they live in their own flat and speak German very well. They work hard to graduate and want to start an apprenticeship. They adapt theirselves to our way of life. Emmanuel and Abdel are always there if someone needs a friend and make us laugh so often. The two boys are just starting a new life. They found friends and they do belong to our family!


Now we are sorely shocked by the deportation order for Emmanuel which arrived mid-January 2017. We are afraid to receive the same decision for Abdel.

By now, Ghana is classified as a safe state and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has made the decision about the deportation. We understand the facts but we can not accept! Knowing Emmanuel and Abdel, we claim to decide the individual case! We do not understand the deportation of well-integrated young people! We fight against the deportation of our fellow students and friends and claim the permanent right of residence for Emmanuel Agyeman and Abdel Mola in Germany!

Please help us and sign the petition! All the data will be kept strictly confidential.

Thank you so much!

Pupils of „Europaschule Hagenow“, campaign „Kein Mensch ist illegal“

Thank you for your support

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