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Don't forget about us! FOR a film industry after Corona

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Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier & Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil
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Dear Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier, Dear Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil,

Due to the current Corona Pandemic most of the people working in our field find themselves under existential threat.

We are those keeping the billboards constantly filled with posters for new films, television series and streaming platform.

We are also those producing documentaries, news, talk shows, sience shows and other programs.

WE are: Actors, Producers, Production coordinators, Production assistants, Production secretaries, Production managers, Location managers and -assistants, Set managers and -assistants, Set runners, Location, Scouts, Production drivers, Executive officers, Directors, Assistant directors, Script Continuities, Directors of photography, Camera operators, DITs, Photographers, Electricians, Grips, Sound technicians, Mixers, Art directors, production designers, set dressers, set decorators, exterior decorators, buyers, concept artists, costume designers and assistants, costumers, costume supervisors, make up artists, caterers, VFX artists, stunt coordinators, animal trainers, editors and assistants and many more.

Like the self employed and small businesses we find ourselves under an existential threat. However we are not a part of those groups: We are temporary employees for the duration of a production.

The system we have become come to terms with in the past is threatening to collapse completely under Corona. With temporary contracts we tend to get by from production to production. During the summer months we are drowning in work, with 50 - 60 weekly hours leaving little time for friends, family and regeneration. We put up with it, knowing we can save up for the winter months when there are usually very few productions being made. Our jobs are creative and diverse on the one hand but harsh and exhausting on the other.

There is no works council as productions are usually only founded to exist for a limited duration of time. The temporary nature of our employment is inevitable.

Due to the current situation almost all projects have been shut down. A few lucky people are on short-time, most of us have been let go on the spot, verbal contracts are not being acknowledged.

Now we face unemployed through no fault of our own. Who knows for how much longer?

Dear Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier, Dear Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil, The film industry is of significance to the German economy. To guarantee the further existence of the industry and its members your help is needed.

We follow the news of our federal government daily and with great interest. Gladly we hear the promise of quick and flexible action. Solutions have been found for the self employed and for small businesses and large companies alike. We value your engagement a great deal.


Urgent measure are called for, these may include:

  • The claim to ALG1 (unemployment benefits) is frozen from March 18 onward (the date when Chancellor Merkel called for social distancing). Meaning the claim will not expire like a ticking time bomb but stays the same until date X, when social distancing will no longer be required.

  • Only following the next employment with a production may the claim continue to expire.

  • For further calculation it is necessary, that those weeks/months until Date X are excluded from all new calculations, including But not limited to ALG 1 (unemployment benefits), parental leave, maternity leave.

  • The duration X must simply be "eliminated" from our vita, otherwise the infrastructure of the film industry WILL collapse.


We need your help so we won't be forced to quit working in our field.

We need your help in order to survive.

We need your help to safely bridge this time of crisis.

We need your help because as individuals we have no voice.

We need your help so we can pick up where we left off.

We need your help so there can BE a film industry in Germany after the crisis.

Thank you for your support

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