Dear fellow students or anyone using the central library of the University of Würzburg,

do you share our opinion that the opening hours of the central library should be extended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of public holidays or semester breaks?

If so, please support Dr. Hans-Günther Schmidt, the director of the univeristy library, with your vote.

In order to accomplish this change, there are some obstacles to overcome. The first step was already taken by starting to implement the RFID technology at the central library. The RFID technology serves the purpose to install self-checkout and return terminals. These machines are vital of modernizing the library and are absolutely essential for our cause. Once they are installed, there will be a need for an additional security guard, cleaning and service personnel. Thereafter, it will be possible to effectively extend the opening hours. The process will altogether take a couple of years to be accomplished. Only then the sublibraries would follow by extending their opening hours. To make all of this happen, we need the approval of the so called ‘commission for the affairs of the university library’. The commission for the affairs of the university library meets on a regular base, where Dr. Schmidt recently introduced the RFID technology and the 24/7 opening of the central library to its members. If the number of votes is large enough, the chances will increase significantly to receive financial support from the head of the university, Prof. Dr. Forchel.

Please forward this message to as many more students, friends, etc. as possible and encourage them to sign the petition. Origin and age are of no importance, everybody can sign. Every vote counts to get the necessary financial support for the 24/7 opening of the central library Würzburg.


The extension of the opening hours intends the following: • flexibility on usage of the central library, regardless of public holidays or semester breaks • no more limited opening hours anymore • simplified and independent borrowing and returning of books

Our goal is: Full support of the project by the 'commission for the affairs of the university library' and financial support given by the head of the university, Prof. Dr. Forchel.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Alexander Schumacher aus Würzburg
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