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With this petition we are looking for supporters of the skydiving sport in order to safe our dropzone and our beloved skydiving club from inevitable, definite and permanent shutdown!

We want to draw the public's attention to our situation and thus induce the management of Gewerbepark Breisgau GmbH to reconsider and to change their position towards our skydive club, the Skyhigh Fallschirmsport Eschbach e. V ., and to look for a compatible solution together with us. This is the only way to ensure the further existence of our club and thus the existence of the skydiving sport at this area. This is the only way we will be able to continue skydiving at the Bremgarten special airfield in the future and to continue inspiring many tandem guests with exciting jumps from 4,000 meters.

Some general notes about skydiving and about our club:

Skydiving - what is it actually?

Are these guys all suicidal maniacs who throw themselves out of intact aircrafts or is there more to it? First of all, it can be said that skydiving is a very safe sport. The systems used are all equipped with a reserve canopy in addition to the main canopy and also have an automatic opening device in case of emergency, which triggers a canopy opening if necessary. So it is very unlikely that a parachute will not open at all.

Skydivers are like everyone else and come from all walks of life. Our association has been based at the Eschbach special airfield since 1999. Skydiving was already represented by the IFF Breisgau, which was founded in the early 1980s, at the airfield, which at that time was still jumping under the supervision of the military. That is why the tradition of parachuting at the  Breisgau industrial park has existed for over 40 years. Our club, the Skyhigh Fallschirmsport Eschbach e. V .  has currently around 250 members, who come not only from Eschbach or Bremgarten, but also from the entire Markgräflerland and beyond: We have club members from France, Switzerland and many guest jumpers from all over Germany and the world. 

Skydiving is basically like any other sport - maybe with a little more adrenaline at one point or another. The passion for sport brings people together in this club, for example in a choir, a football club, a table tennis club, a carnival club or a model club. They all share the same passion and come together to practice the sport as a hobby. In addition to the jumping operation, we have parties like in other clubs as well as social get-togethers with an evening barbecue around the campfire. We often have guests with us who might do a tandem skydive during the day, find the atmosphere great and like to spend time with us. Everyone is welcome to join us and to have a great time with us. Every year we enable a large number of tandem guests to experience the feeling of a parachute jump from 4,000 meters. Occasions are often birthdays, bachelorette parties or marriage proposals. We often get visits from families who simply enjoy the not so common sight of parachutes over the sky of the Breisgau industrial park and are catered for by the Air Café restaurant. 

We also offer an extensive AFF training at our dropzone! Every year between 50 and 100 students take our courses and thus receive their licenses. Our association has had a cooperation with the Christophorus Jugendwerk in Breisach-Oberrimsingen, which looks after young people in need, since 2015. In project weeks, several young people are trained for their first jump within four days. As part of the general benefit, there is also a children's holiday program at the jumping area. 

The club also hosted two German national championships and we even have a female jumper on the dropzone who was able to achieve a world title in target jumping. 

Please support us. Take a look at our homepage and find out more about our association.

Blue skies!

Skyhigh Fallschirmsport Eschbach e. V.


Unfortunately, the existence of our club, the Skyhigh Fallschirmsport Eschbach e. V., and with it the existence of the Air Café and Air Adventures GmbH is in danger of total shutdown. Life is currently made very difficult for the club and its environment. While all other users of the Bremgarten special airfield can use the regular opening times with take-offs and landings from 9:30 a.m. to sunset + 30 minutes or at the latest 7:00 p.m., take-offs and landings for our drop-off planes were severely restricted by the management of the business park Breisgau GmbH. The owner of this GmbH is the Zweckverband Gewerbepark Breisgau, in which the mayors of the surrounding communities are represented with voting rights. The first restrictions, we had to endure, were 3.5 hours on each Saturday and Sunday.

These restrictions were justified with increasing noise pollution and the associated complaints from a group of airfield opponents who, in their letters of complaint, like to call us "parachuting monsters" and who complained about us on days when our drop-off aircraft actually did not fly at all!

Due to these restrictions, our turbine-powered drop-off aircraft (Cessna Caravan C208B) was converted and got a quieter engine, financed by the operating company Air Adventures GmbH and its charter company, for costs of more than EUR 750,000, as the management of Gewerbepark Breisgau GmbH announced verbally a return to the original flight times, without any restrictions, as soon as this conversion of our drop-off aircraft will be finished.

It should be noted that all drop-off aircraft previously used at the Eschbach special airfield have complied with the statutory noise protection regulations.

Unfortunately, there was no return to the original, unrestricted flight times in 2020, although there were no longer any serious noise complaints.

Contrary to what they actually said and previously announced, the management of the Breisgau GmbH business park even decided to limit the take-offs and landings for parachutists' dropping planes even further more to the time window of 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. on Sundays and public holidays, starting from September 2021.

With these severely restricted flight times it is not possible to fulfill the flight hours to be performed according to the charter contract for our converted drop-off aircraft. This means that Air Adventures GmbH is forced to look for alternative options for its business operations and can no longer operate at the Bremgarten special airfield.

This would lead to the inevitable, definite and permanent doom and end of our skydiving club, the Skyhigh Fallschirmsport Eschbach e. V., after having existed for more than 40 years...

Furthermore, the airfield would then also lose a considerable part of its income through landing fees and so on. And under certain circumstances the Bremgarten special airfield would no longer be able to cover its costs, which could lead to the complete shutdown of the rest of the aviation at this location thus becoming a serious problem also for other associations and businesses at the special airfield Bremgarten. 

Please support us. Take a look at our homepage and find out more about our association.

Blue skies!

Skyhigh Fallschirmsport Eschbach e. V.

Thank you for your support, Skyhigh Fallschirmsport Eschbach e. V. from Eschbach

Thank you for your support, Oliver Seibt from Freiburg
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