Imagine your child was violently taken from you and detained in cage-like camps. Day and night it's screaming for you, it's suffering eternal torments of hell which will traumatise it for the rest of its life.

We urge the American embassy in Berlin and German government to make clear that current human rights violations in the US are not tolerable and won't be accepted without resistance.

In the US, immigrated families from Mexico are separated at the border - even babies and infants are taken from their parents and get locked up. Since the beginning of May, US authorities have separated 2.340 children from their parents.

President Trump now wants to approve a stop of the separation of families. However, children still get detained - but with their parents.


Every signature counts! Please share this petition with friends and family to stop this progressive loss of humanity and to state that we won't accept this without resistance.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Vera Apel-Jösch aus Quirnbach
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