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GO IN DIGNITY, we need a Hospice and Palliative Centre !


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We would like a local Hospice and Palliative Centre established, to take care of Adults and Children.


Reason for Centre:
Outside Spain the Hospice and Palliative Centre is normal practise in many countries.
This petition is for all People who live here whether Spanish or EU citizens.
We can and should have our last days without pain, but with warmth and dignity.
Therefore we need a Hospice-Palliative Centre staffed with qualified personnel and
Please sign this petition, also your friends and acquaintances.
If you would like to get personally involved with practical support to help set up the
Hospice, then please get in touch through silberlockespain@gmail.com (english spoken)
Please help so that those affected have a loving farewell with dignity.

In the name of all signers.

Orihuela Costa, 19 Jun 2016 (aktiv bis 18 Dec 2016)

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Marchili Sandro

Care for all in later life is invaluable. Especially if specialist facilities are required. This would minimize the stress and pressures placed on immediate familiy members and enable them to maintain a near as normal ( if possible ) life without add ...

This is just one example of the appalling lack of services we need in this area.

There is a distinct lack of services and interest from loical government. This project is one very important example.

I am 80 and my wife is 75...both pretty fit at the moment but you never know what is around the corner!

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