Increase the security in Wasserstadt Mitte

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32 supporters

The petition was withdrawn by the petitioner

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Due to thefts, robberies, vandalism, pollution, parking at pavements and emergency exits we need to increase the security in our neighborhood.
Especially during this times we want to feel save at home and to develop this to a great neighborhood.
We need restricted parking zones, security guards and it seems likely that we need also camera’s in the common/shared areas.
Also cameras connected with the doorbells would help to feel more save.
This medium should help to address our thoughts and requirements as a group to the Adler-Group to evaluate then possible short & log term solutions together.
Nothing as set in stone - this is just a vehicle to align as a group.


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Not yet a PRO argument.

And are you willing to pay for guards,camaras and security?What did you expect to get moving into a "slum"?Why do you feel unsafe in this multi-cultural environment?

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