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We are asking the Landtag of NRW, that the ministry of schools and education NRW must show us the plan of opening the schools by the school year 2020/21!


The government has reacted to the Covid-19-Pandemic by closing the schools in NRW since March 2020. This has made the schools become more less energetic. There are plans of reopening the schools and education buildings, but those are very unprofessional. And it's not possible that the schools will remain closed. That's not possible for every student of every school. Because of school lockdowns, the children will not learn as much as they would do with school.

It's also dangerous that the kids will always communicate with their phones and computers or any other mobile devices.

As taking part of the Emergency Plan NRW, the government must plan the EMP-NRW as soon as possible to know how the year 2020-21 will continue and how our children will get their knowledge.

For the students and teachers, there should be enough tools to educate. Such as an official video platform, mobile devices, printers should be given to those who need it, so the lessons can also be made in home.

Thank you,

Kerstin Dropmann - Rheine: Gymnasium Dionysianum: Department Director of School welfare

Julia Hecking-Veltmann - Rheine: Emsland Gymnasium: Department Director of School welfare

Cornelia Baars - Rheine: Kopernikusgymnasium: Department Director of School welfare

Anke Albers-Thewes - Rheine: Euregio Gesamtschule: Department Director of School welfare.

Raab Grießfürth - Rheine: Translator and supporter of this petition.

this petition has been translated to get more people to help us!

Thank you for your support, Raab Karcher Owel Grießfürth from Musterstadt
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