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Some future mother are unfortunate limited by their biology but not by their love.

When a woman is diagnosed with reduced ovarian reserve, the ivf protocol apply differently. First of all one does not use any medicine or hormonal stimulants. Secons of all, the German state funded insurance companies only pay for three trials. In case of a woman with reduced ovarian reserve, this is not helpful at all!

State insurance companies could offer either more trials or take off 5% of the costs each time somebody fails a trial. Or even better they should reach out to the doctors and patients and figuere out the best possible solution for each case in particulare and just choose a limiting number of trials based on a general statistic.

Women should be allowed to pursue motherhood no mather their biological condition.


Some facts one in ten women in Germany suffer from reduced ovarian reserv. One in six globaly suffer from this desease as well.

In Germany it is forbiden by law to use a surrogate mother or a doner egg. Therefor the state has to offere future mothers more options and not limit them.

Ask yourselfs what is a good mother?

This woman wants to pursue motherhood and is fully aware of challanges.

This baby is wanted, it is a concious decision, this child is going to come out of pur desire, it is not the result of an "accident" or "rape" of worst not wanted, because the future parents are not ready. There are enough unwanted and abandoned children worldwide. Why not support future parents more, who really want a child and are fully comited to the well-being of this new human and are ready for this comitment? But unfortunantly their bodies need help!

The state should offer more support for parents, who truly desire to become parents and not limit them!

Thank you for your support, Raluca Behrens from Karlsfeld
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