MR James Tulloch

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I strongly believe that 5 G is extremely dangerous for humans and all life on this planet. It has not been scientifically investigated and because they are operating up to 60 GHz frequency, 5mm wavelength the wavelength at which oxygen is absorbed in humans, severe and often fatal respiratory conditions in humans could result. it has been proven to kill birds in close proximity to 5G WiFi emitters. Also the effect on the human mind and nervous system are likely to be catastrophic. We must resist this evil plan by our inbred overlords to use us as batteries and connect us up to the cloud via the internet of things. We are 7.7 plus billion sovereign human beings and we won’t submit to 8500 beyond psychopathic, heartless, inbred who should soon be sent underground to the live out the rest of their lives in the DUMBs they commissioned.
The future of humanity and all life on Earth depends on it. It will be the difference between a beyond Orwellian, control saturated, life destroying nightmare and a golden age for humanity with our inbred overlords exposed for good.

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