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The photo shows the Allenberg, a hill in Bliesmengen-Bolchen, in whose forest several wind turbines are to be built, each about 250 meters high. The lettering "Menge-Bolche" in the center of the picture consists of letters six meters high.

The administrators of the township of Mandelbachtal (Saarland, Germany) and Juwi corp., a big electric company, are currently pursuing concrete plans to build several wind power plants in the Allenberg forest between the villages of Bliesmengen-Bolchen, Bebelsheim and Habkirchen - in the middle of the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. All residents over the age of 16 who live in the township are to be polled on this issue at the state elections polling places on March 27th, 2022.

We, the Initiative against windpower plants, think the public is not sufficiently informed about the consequences of wind power plants in the Allenberg forest. We want to inform the Mandelbachtal residents of said issue and also give people outside the community the opportunity to speak out against the Mandelbachtal township board’s wind power plans.

What are the reasons against wind power in the Allenberg forest?

Destruction of huge forest areas: The area on the Allenberg hill that is being considered for the construction of wind power plants is mainly on forestland. Erection and construction of the turbines would require foundations as well as access roads for transport and maintenance, which means a large part of this forest would have to be cleared. Reforestation would take decades.

Threat to biodiversity: the massive clearing of the forest would result in the loss of the habitat of various protected animal and plant species. Endangered bird species, including the red kite, which is native to the area, would be threatened by the fast rotating wind turbines. A similar construction project in the Allenberg forest was stopped five years ago due to these reasons.

Expected damage from heavy rains: Bliesmengen-Bolchen and Bebelsheim in particular have been repeatedly affected by flooding in recent years. Flooding will increase in the future if forests are destroyed and huge land surfaces are concreted over. Rainwater will no longer be able to leech into the soil and will flow downhill into the affected village even faster than before. This is precisely what happened in 2021, in a massive flood in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Unused opportunities through photovoltaics: it is important to develop and focus on renewable energies, but a systematic destruction of a forest is in stark contrast and in an irony to such goals. Photovoltaic systems on private, municipal and commercial roofs are a more compatible alternative to wind energy, especially since there is great potential for solar energy in the region with more than 1,000 hours of sunshine per year. Before even one tree is felled in favor of wind power plants, all other possibilities should first be exhausted.

Loss of quality of life: Last but not least, the construction of several wind power plants over 250 meters high would noticeably reduce the quality of life in the affected villages. This is not so much about a "disturbed view", but more about the loss of a place of recreation, not to mention health hazards caused by noise, infrasound, shadow impact and light pollution. For many, nature in the Bliesgau Biosphere is an important reason for living in rural areas. If this is removed, commuters in particular will no longer be able to stay in the villages - which is a great disadvantage for the future prospects of the area.

Bliesmenger-Gegenwind e. V. provides information about the further effects of the wind power plans in the township of Mandelbachtal on its homepage, on Facebook and on Instagram.


What speaks against a citizen survey?

The municipality of Mandelbachtal plans to poll all citizens of the municipality from the age of 16 on the topic of "wind power in the municipality of Mandelbachtal" as part of the state elections on March 27, 2022. This has already been decided by a majority of the municipal council. Here, among other things, the following question is to be asked:

"Should wind turbines be erected in the area of the Allenberg in the municipality of Bliesmengen-Bolchen?"

In our opinion, this question does not even begin to clarify what consequences a "yes" vote could have for the affected area. It is not clear from this wording that this is a completely intact forest area, rich in species and therefore worthy of protection, which would have to be cleared to a large extent for the construction of wind turbines. The whole issue is so complex that this question should not be asked in this form without further explanations.

The investor juwi plans (as of Feb. 13, 2022) to hold a public information event in the community in early March 2022. We find that this is by no means sufficient for the complete public information of all those entitled to vote - especially since the capacities for such events are severely limited in the current pandemic phase.

We see another problem in the fact that a community-wide citizens' survey would represent the majority opinion of residents who would not have to live with the effects of the wind power plans. The municipality of Mandelbachtal consists of the eight municipal districts of Bebelsheim, Bliesmengen-Bolchen, Erfweiler-Ehlingen, Habkirchen, Heckendalheim, Ommersheim, Ormesheim and Wittersheim - only three of which are in the immediate vicinity of the planned wind power plants. In contrast, the direct and thus also affected neighboring villages of Bliesransbach (municipality of Kleinblittersdorf), Frauenberg (independent municipality, France) and Blies-Schweyen (municipality of Blies-Guersviller, France) are not consulted - we also want to give their residents a voice with this petition.

We find: The citizens' survey decided by the municipal council must not take place in this form.

We also think: Destroying an intact, historic forest in favor of wind power plants is the wrong way to advance the urgently needed energy turnaround.

If you also share our opinion and would like to speak out against the wind power plans and the information policy of the municipality of Mandelbachtal, we would be very pleased to receive your signature.

Thank you for your support

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