Aim: Pedelecs/e-bikes should be equal to bikes.

In a nutshell:


  • Calling on the ministers of transport to work for equality of the pedelec / e-bike with a bicycle by changing the definition of the bicycle in the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

  • Adaptation of pedelec / e-bike standards and laws to ensure that the risk of accidents with the pedelec / e-bike is no higher than with a conventional bicycle. Here the stakeholders of the industry and user organizations and the ministries of transport are in demand.


Since 1995, pedelecs up to 25 km / h and 250 watts of rated engine power have been legally classified as bicycles in Germany. But this contradicts the vehicle definition of the United Nations (UN) of 1968.

To ensure that the pedelec / e-bike in the future may be permanently driven without insurance, helmet, age limit and driver's license, we campaign for a change in the UN Vehicle definition.

At present there is a risk of general compulsory insurance for the pedelec / e-bike in Europe.

This could abruptly slow down the development of the pedelecs and e-bikes and especially the cargo bikes. The pedelec plays a central role for the ecological mobility turnaround, as it makes cycling possible for everyone, even under difficult topographical conditions or with physical restrictions.

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  • am 10.01.2019

    Fietsen is een veilige en zeer laagdrempelige manier van transport voor alle leeftijden en een basis behoefte. Iedere onnodige (financiële) belemmering schaadt deze behoefte. Daarnaast verbetert deze vorm van transport tegelijkertijd en in sterke mate de gezondheid van de gebruikers.

  • am 04.01.2019

    Damit wir Mobilität in der Planung ändern und Städte Ihre Projekte auch umsetzen können.

  • am 05.12.2018

    for the pedelec diffusion

  • Richard Sellars PY Scunthorpe

    am 06.10.2018

    Because it is a sensible solution with health benefits, physically beneficial with greatly reduced pollution to contend with and if insurance becomes law then it should be affordable.

  • Kerry Jones Kreuztal

    am 05.10.2018

    I am an enthusiastic cycler and now at 72 yrs old I really enjoy still being able to cycle and a Pedalec helps me take part in family and friends outings that I would otherwise miss. I am not interested in speed cycling and the Pedalec definition is good for me, I still have to work to get places but that is still achievable. The extra costs involved if a Pedalec is not recognised as a bicycle would exclude me from taking part.

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