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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: Petition for preserving the time slot of Stahlwerk Petition for preserving the time slot of Stahlwerk
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Petition for preserving the time slot of Stahlwerk


Deutsche Petition

We, the audience and fans of the Stahlwerk Radio on Radio Fritz, would like for the public law radio station Fritz of the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg / rbb, to think over the scheduled delay of the time slot from Thursday, 8 p.m to Friday midnight.


Stahlwerk is one, if not the longest running show in the history of Radio Fritz. Created as “Tendenz Hard & Heavy” on DT 64 by the youth-radio-station back in the GDR, Stahlwerk – which serves Heavy Metal music of any coleur – has written radio history.

The thought of giving Heavy Metal its own platform with a radio show has been carried over the years by several anchors. With that, Stahlwerk offers more than just news from the music world; it creates added value as a platform for bands – the established ones as well as, and especially, groups from the underground. Interviews, current concerts, new music, discussions; all these are parts, which are also being maintained by the community itself.

The delay of the time slot will, we are afraid, decrease that added value, because at that time, there will hardly be any willing interviewees to come into the show at midnight. Also, listening to the show live will then only apply to a rather small part of the audience.

That is why we, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, inquire you to keep the current time slot of the “Stahlwerk Radio”. Our aim is to preserve the “Stahlwerk Radio” show in its most recent state alongside its current anchor. We are against a blurring of the show's line by expanding and simultaneously delaying it.

Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.

, Guben, 03.02.2017 (aktiv bis 28.02.2017)

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