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Petition for the reactivation of the railway line Nunkirchen - Merzig

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Landrätin Daniela Schlegel-Friedrich
2,673 1,425 in Merzig-Wadern
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I am for the reactivation of the railway line Nunkirchen - Merzig and against the cycle path. If the train runs again daily on the renovated railway line, this line would do a lot to ensure that traffic would get off the road and the museum railway, which is popular in the entire area, would be preserved as a valuable cultural asset. That means: Never get stuck in traffic again, get to work, to the doctor, to an appointment faster and on time. Many buses would be saved. Tourism would be encouraged. All citizens of the entire district of Merzig would benefit from this. Of course, a bike path built right next to it would be nice, but the railway should not be sacrificed for this. In addition, as a private railway, the railway line would retrospectively generate the money for the costs of repair itself and even make a profit after a while. Therefore cast your vote here for the reactivation and maintenance of the railway line Nunkirchen - Merzig!


  1. Preservation of valuable cultural assets
  2. revitalization of the region
  3. promotion of tourism
  4.  Climate-friendly means of transport connecting the municipalities of Losheim and Merzig
  5. Relief of road traffic
  6.  profitable investment
  7. Making everyday life easier for everyone
Thank you for your support, Helga Mathilde Walther from Perl
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