Region: QH Core Buildings in George Stephenson Strasse, Lisa Fritko Strasse and Heidestrasse

Petition to increase the safety and access measures in QH Core buildings

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Taurecon (eigentumer) und Lineao (Veerwaltung)
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1.        No access to the public parking lot after 10pm- to be limited to residents with ID only
2.        Activate the elevators safety system to access Core Buildings from the parking lot
3.        Change the locking mechanism of all entrance doors to QH Core buildings -residents need to close the main doors behind them after they enter
4.        CCTV systems to be installed and activated to have visibility of the street in front of the buildings’ access, the lobby of each building, and each elevator of the property


Following incidents of aggression and intrusion against the residents of QH Core buildings. We collectively demand from Taurecon (property owner) and Lineao (buidings administration) to implement the measures described with immediate effect. Not addressing the safety issues mentioned will leave the residents no alternative but to search for legal avenues to ensure their safety.

Thank you for your support, Maria del Coral Ocampo Mercado from , Berlin
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