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Price crisis not on the backs of students

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6 demands for a sustainable transformation of the universities and the State of Bremen!

Despite the alarming reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the destruction of planet earth continues unrestrained. The climate crisis has long since reached every corner in the world - even the main polluters in the Global North are hit by its devastating consequences. Current events such as the flood catastrophes in Pakistan and Nigeria, the historic droughts in Spain and Portugal, but also locally the forest fires in Brandenburg, the floods in the Ahr valley and the tornados in East Frisia show this unmistakably.

In consequence of the war against Ukraine, we find ourselves in an energy crisis. Instead of taking this as an opportunity to get rid of fossil fuels immediately, deals are being made with autocratic governments and the mistakes in energy policy of the past decades are being continued. Ultimately, a price crisis emerges from the climate and energy crises. These crises particularly affect the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies. What they have in common is that their origins lie in unequal conditions and are an expression of contradictions inherent in the system.

The averaged inflation doesn't accurately represent cost increases for poor people. People on a low budget spend there largest share on expenses for food, energy and cold rent, where the prices increased the most. The Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband has determined that almost one million students (about 30% of all students in Germany) live in poverty and thus mostly far below the poverty line. They lack between 400€ and 500€ per month [1]. It is absolutely unacceptable that students have to bear the consequences of these serious political, economic and ecological mistakes.

However, we don't just need immediate relief for students. This is about a fundamental social and ecological transformation of the system! 

Specific projects can show, that our society can be changed. The University of Bremen can become a pioneer by implementing a Climate Improvement District in the Technology Park.

The problems are known, and so are the solutions. It is time to make a change.

Therefore, we call on the State of Bremen, the University of Bremen and the Studierendenwerk Bremen to take the following actions.

Our demands:

1. No university shutdown in winter! There must be no shortened opening hours for our educational and meeting places!

2. Prevent the impending rent increases in the dormitories of the Studierendenwerk! The State of Bremen must cover the rising utilities!

3. No profits with our basic needs! Socialization of the housing companies (i.a. Vonovia) and remunicipalization of swb in Bremen!

4. Prevent electricity and heating cut-offs! 

4.1 Immediately, a heating and electricity moratorium is needed in Bremen!

4.2 Fundamentaly, a comprehensive price cap for electricity, gas and heat is needed! 

5. The debt brake must be abolished! For a complete financing of Bremen's universities!

6. Start locally to finally reduce fossil dependencies! Establishment of a Climate Improvement District in the Technology Park!

6.1 Solar systems must be installed on all suitable roofs in the Technology Park.

6.2 Heat pumps must be installed in all buildings. The dismantling of gas heating systems must be advanced.

6.3 All buildings in the Technology Park, but especially the university buildings, must be comprehensively renovated in terms of energy.

[1] Schabram, Aust und Rock: Armut von Studierenden in Deutschland, der Paritätische, 2022, Retrieved from:


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Thank you for your support, Students For Future Bremen from Bremen
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9 days ago

As a student we earn a very little and increase in room rent would be difficult to cope.

on 17 Nov 2022

Wohne im Studentenwohnheim und die Inflation ist bereits in anderen Bereichen bemerkbar

on 16 Nov 2022

As an international student, the source of income is very limited and with inflation the price of everything has already increase. A further increase in rent will put us under a lot of pressure.

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