Since June 2015 you are able to charge back digitally bought games on STEAM and since September 2017 this is also possible if you buy games on the OCULUS Store.

Sony Entertainment is one of the highest rated companies worldwide and still doesn´t provide a customer friendly and contemporary charge-back program. Yes, this could definitely mean that the Sony support will have much more requests to handle and yes people will definitely use this service, but YES we, your customers, will be:

  • more likely to buy a game in the PSN-Store instead of buying retails
  • happy with your service and promote your company
  • satisified with the circumstance that Sony shows a modern behaviour in terms of customer service


You will be able to lay hands on a game you bought in the PSN Store and not to rely solely on gameplay footage or to buy retail games that you then can´t give back, only sell for less the price bought it.

You won´t have to rely on developers MAYBE providing demos for you to try.

You won´t have the frustration of having bought a game that turns out buggy or just bad.

Thank you for your support, Jason Young from Karlsruhe
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